Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Karaoke for Kids

Karaoke is for kids of all ages. Everyone loves to express themselves, and singing is the best way we know of.
Children love to mimic superstars they see on TV and hear on the radio. Karaoke has no age boundaries. A child who can not yet read will grab a microphone and begin singing along with the music. Usually in the style of their favorite performers. A happy child is a singing child.
Karaoke companies have now come out with complete sets of discs geared towards young singers, featuring stars from MTV, Disney, American Idol, and other hit video shows. Chartbuster and Sound Choice both have CDG sets available with fun childrens songs including nursery rhymes, church songs, and old time favorites like "On Top of Spaghetti."
An inexpensive home karaoke system is an ideal gift for any child.. young or old. With many models available now at discount prices, it's easy to host a home karaoke party for the kiddies. Some now come complete with a mini screen for lyric viewing so no TV hookup is required.
Whether your 6 or 60.. singing can make you feel good and get you moving. The results of singing karaoke can be seen in the smiling faces of the singers, young or old.