Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Nights Show 9/11

Wow... we had a wonderful night on Friday September 11, at the Watertown VFW. There was a crowd of over 125, with lots of singers and dancers throughout the evening.
Ken Bodah celebrated his 65th birthday with a lot of friends and family coming out to party with him. His children and wife brought in decorations and snacks for everyone, and the bar did a lot of sales with all the "partiers." I hope to see a lot of them returning for future shows, as it was a blast.
We had many singers for the night, and ended up staying an extra hour to fill the rotation. Some of the song highlights included Cecilia singing "Foolish Games," Bobbie singing "Stand By Me," Barry singing "Something To Be Proud Of," Doc Pete singing "Love Me If You Can," Erin singing "Say You Love Me," Maggie singing "Cheater, Cheater," Penny singing "I Am Woman," Candy singing "Crazy," and Ginny Singing "Johnny B Goode."
We also heard from Adam, Deryk, Stephanie, Chris, Josh, Donnie, Nicole, Don, Laura, and Peggy. Cecil got a huge round of applause with his rendition of Right Said Freds "I'm To Sexy."
Of course... everyone got up to dance for the Cupid Shuffle, and the Twist Mix. Corrina shook her booty to most every song throught the night.
Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us... we hope to see you next time. :)