Sunday, October 4, 2009

Karaoke Etiquette

Anyone who gets up to perform deserves respect. We are all here to have fun, and it only takes a little encouragement.

Please don't Boo, harass, heckle, or interrupt a singer. It's not about being the best, it's about having the best time.

Please do not walk away from the stage with the microphones. Also, we ask that you do not tap on them or mishandle them in any way. The equipment is expensive, any you may be held accountable for any damages.

Please do Not bring any drinks with you when you come up to perform. Do not set beverages on the DJ table or near the equipment.

Please do not whine about the number of times called up to sing. The Karaoke Host will be as fair as possible. Remember that any new performer will be filtered into the rotation.

Please do not continuously ask when your turn is coming up if the number of singers is heavy. If you have "Leaving" on your mind it's not fair to the others to sing out of turn.

Please do not use foul language when at the mics. Most establishments find this unacceptable.

Please do not sing along louder than the performer, sing back-up, or come up to accompany the performers without being asked. This can be very irritating and distracting to the singer. If you desire to join someone on stage, make sure you have asked them before the performance begins.

Please don't carry on loud conversations next to the stage, or walk in front of the screen while someone is singing.

Please do not bring your own drinks to the karaoke show. Most of the time, beverage sales are the only way an establishment makes any money from a show. Support the establishment that is hosting Karaoke.

Handle our song books with TLC.. they are expensive and time consuming to assemble.
Ask the host for newer songs as books are only updated a few times per year.
Don't be afraid to dance to the music... you don't have to sing to enjoy the shows.
Have FUN! Karaoke is all about having a good time whether you sing or just enjoy the performances. :)