Friday, September 23, 2011

Five Crowd Pleasing Songs

5 Best Crowd Pleaser Karaoke Songs

Everybody has their favorite karaoke song, but it may not always be a song that makes everyone in the audience sing-along, and let’s face it, if you frequent karaoke night long enough, you know that there are times that the crowd could just use a great pick-me-up. Something that will make them raise their nose up from inside that glass of Miller draft, something to remind them why they come to karaoke night in the first place. So here is a list of crowd favorites the next time you feel the urge to take the bull by the horns and get the crowd into it.

5 Friends in Low Places” (Garth Brooks)

Some karaoke aficionados scorn this song but no matter how you feel about this down home country ditty, the chorus is so irresistible, it’s hard NOT to sing. Its appeal is simple, it’s about the friends we make at our local watering holes and chances are, that’s exactly where you will be when you are singing this. Take a look at some of the lyrics:

'cause i've got friends in low places
Where the whiskey drowns
And the beer chases my blues away
And i'll be okay
I'm not big on social graces
Think i'll slip on down to the Oasis
Oh, i've got friends in low places.

4 “I Love Rock n Roll” (Joan Jett)

This song has endless energy, its super easy to sing, and the lyrics are well, easy to remember. The song has an uncanny mass appeal, even people who don’t like rock n roll, know and love this song. What makes this song so cool? That high energy chant and the badass beat. This is a timeless tune that literally lets the crowd entertain themselves.

3 Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond)

This dated Neil Diamond joint would not have made this list a year ago, but I must say that I learned about the rallying powers of this sedate tune while partying on Bourbon Street in the Big Easy. As you may know Bourbon Street in New Orleans is a melting pot of music and people of all ages, races, and persuasions. On one night at a famous karaoke club on the famed boulevard my boyfriend and I partied it up while watching a succession of karaoke singers sing energetic dance hits from the 80’s 90’s and 2000’s. The place was full of college kids and young hipsters, and that’s when my boyfriend announced his intentions to sing this Neil tune. I immediately warned him that he would just get this hyped up crowd bummed out on this corny out of date song. Boy was I wrong, every twenty something in that bar sang the song with him, even a group of older African-American women straight off the church bus strolled in off the street and joined in. I think people who don’t even speak English know the chorus of this song. Neil Diamond will bring the house down every time; “so good!” “ so good!”

2 Celebration” (Kool and the Gang)

kool and the gang album cover
This is an all around fun song and it was made to get the party started. Anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not like this tune. The music evokes that cool easygoing nightclub vibe and most people will have fond memories of this song if they are old enough. Younger generations will appreciate it to because the music and lyrics are just timeless.

Conga (Miami Sound Machine)

Gloria Estefan album cover

This is Gloria Estefan at her best but this song is a hands down crowd pleaser, the music is irresistible, and even that biker guy in the corner will be tapping his spiked boots to this one. And what’s even better, you don’t have to be a great singer for this one people! You will have to talk a little fast though. But even if you can’t keep up, no one will notice, they will be too busy dancing!