Sunday, November 1, 2009

VFW Halloween Party

Well, the second annual VFW Halloween Karaoke Party has come and gone.  We had an outstanding time on Saturday, October 31, 2009 at the VFW with about 100 people in attendance through the evening for the event.

The VFW provided prizes for Best Costume and the runners up, as well as lots of delicious snacks.  A few dedicated singers also provided cakes, pizza, and some door prizes.

We played our TGIK Instant Win Games for all who got up on the dance floor and boogied.  There was a total of 40 prizes awarded for that game, and Bobbie sold 50/50 guesses on a huge jar filled with candy.  Congratulations to Shannon for winning the candy and the cash!

With so many interesting and fun costumes, it was hard for our judges to choose the winners.  Everyone sure out did themselves on their wardrobes this year.  We had the OctoMom, a biker, doctor, several witches, pirates, clowns, a hippie, a baby, and other goblins!  However, the Best Costume went to Ginny who was an old hobo with a pet rat.  She even sang "California Girls" in the rats voice as she puppeted his mouth for him.  It was a riot!

Our second, third, and fourth place winners were Micki as a witch, Kelly as a sexy pirate, and Tom as Oliver Hardy.  Congrats to all winners!

Of course we had karaoke too... lots of singing and dancing through the night, with performances by Jeff, Maggie, Bobbie, Cecil, Deb, Shawn, Tom, Brian, Ginny, Kathy, Doc Pete, Nicole, Rob, Penny, Cecilia, Deryk, and Adam.  It was also nice to hear and see Pat & Diane once again.

Doc Pete won a special award for Best Singer, and Corrina won an award for Best Dancer.
Special thanks to Kelly and Bobbie for help in decorating and setting up for the party, as well as for their support of TGIK! Big thanks to all who attended, and we hope you had lots of fun and come back to sing with us next time.