Saturday, January 23, 2010

Last Nights Show @ VFW

Well... it turned out to be a very fun and busy night for us at the Watertown VFW last night, Jan. 22. We ended up playing a little longer because the time just went by so fast with everyone having such a great time.

With about 55-65 people in attendance, we had around 16 singers throughout the night, and it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves.

We had a nice gathering for Dora Bodah, who celebrated her birthday with TGIK. I think she said she was turning 35.. but that is her story. A lot of dancing and partying was had by everyone, and it seemed like everyone was really getting into the fun.

A lot of new voices and faces, and a lot of familiar friends showed up.. It was good to see Corrina out on the dance floor once again. LOL. The dance floor just was not the same without her there, and she really tore it up last night!

Of course, we had lots of singing too... We heard great songs from Pat, Tom, Rob, Christine, Jeff, Doc Pete, The Chicks, Liz, Danielle, Travis, Don, and a few others. Then we had, all the way from the Miami Municipal Auditorium, Diane... who performed a great hit, "My Baby Loves Me," and direct from her world tour, Nicole, who did a beautiful rendition of "Please Mr Please."

And also, all the way from Madison Square Garden we had Cecil, who sang his heart out on a new song, "Tik Tok."

It was hard keeping the dancers happy, but we managed to get in "Poker Face," "The Cupid Shuffle," and "The Cha-Cha Slide." Nobody scooted out the door and into traffic, so it was a pretty good party.

For all 24 of the pictures from the show, please visit the TGIK web site at and look under PHOTOS 1.

Hope to see everyone back again at the VFW on Feb. 12!!