Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singers Rotation

At Thank God It's Karaoke, we pride ourselves on professionalism and service. As singers ourselves, we understand the importance of a good night out for karaoke.
A singer "rotation" is required to implement and enhance the fairness of the singers and the show. Keeping track of who is to perform in order is not an exact science, and varies from show to show.
We use the standard method of "first to request" gets the first line in spot, and those following are placed in order of the time they place their song request slip in. However, this method can only be used exactly, with no problems, if no new performers wish to sing throughout the night, or nobody puts in a slip to sing a duet song...
So... here is an example;
We have 4 singers who all put song requests in. Billy, Jack, Jill, and Susie. Billy would sing first, then Jack, then Jill, and followed by Susie. This would continue as a four person rotation.
Well... here comes Ted. He wants to sing. He has sat through 2 rotations already of Billy, Jack, Jill & Susie singing two different songs. He places his slip in to request his song. Now should Ted have to wait and follow Susie? Now we have a five person rotation. But wait... Jack & Jill put 2 different slips in to sing together, as a duet.
Does Ted have to sit through all four singers, then also the duet of Jack & Jill before he gets to sing again? And now Mary wants to sing as well, so she puts her song slip in. However, Susie has not put in a new slip since she last sang.
Still with me? LOL. In fairness to all, since Susie has not put in any new requests, she is dropped from the current rotation and filled in with Mary. Also, on the duet slip, whichever singer is coming up first in the rotation will take the count for the duet; and the same singer will not perform two times when someone else has not had the chance to sing one time. This is how the original roation gets split up.
Just because you followed Jack for three songs, does not mean you are going to be following Jack each rotation of the night. Singers come, singers leave, requests are placed for duet or group songs, and some singers only want to sing once or twice a night. While we try to follow a strict 1,2,3 method, that can not always be achieved for a smooth show.
Keep in mind, if the last 5 or so performers have done ballad or slow songs, we may need to shuffle the rotation slightly to pick up the tempo of the room.
Karaoke night is for fun. We want you all to sing.. :)