Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Nights Show

Saturday 3/14 at the Watertown VFW was a LOT of fun!! We had another huge turnout, with wall-to-wall singing from 8 till 12:30 AM.
I played a few Irish songs at the start and near the end of the night, but aside from "Whiskey In The Jar" most of the guests just wanted to sing country and popular tunes...
Just some of the great performances; Penny on "The Pill," Diane with "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad," Steve & Lisa on "You And I," Ginny on "Help Me Make It Through The Night," Pat on "Hang On Sloopy," & "Brown Eyed Girl," Herb on "Loving Her Was Easier", and "The Gambler."
Bob performed "How Do You Like Me Now," Bobbie sang "Landslide," and Jeff did "What Do You Think About That."
Maggie did her famous "Goodbye Earl," and she and Diane did a nice duet of "When You Love Someone Like That." Rosie got up to sing "The Rose, " and Lisa did a beautiful job on "Black Horse and Cherry Tree." Of course, there were lots of other songs & singers.. Melvin and Corrina danced to almost every song played & performed.. Don't know where they get the energy!