Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Weekends Karaoke

Whew!! What a week-end!!
Friday night at the Black River Legion we had a great show with a full house once again. All our regulars showed up, and a few new voices/faces as well. It went very well, and we stayed longer than normal to please the crowd.
A few of the girls had a wild night of tequila shots. I won't mention any names.. LOL.
Saturday night at the Watertown American Legion was a packed house as well. We had a steady rotation of singers the entire night. Some of the singers included, Doc Pete, Pat, Diane, Bob, Lisa, Chris, Loretta, Maggie, Ginny, Bobbie, Renee, Sherry, Sue, Dina, Deb, Peggy, and Don.
A fun time was had by all... and there was lots of dancing on the dance floor throughout the night.
Big thanks to all our supporters who come to our shows!!