Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Nights Show at VFW

Another great night of fun and karaoke is complete!

A nice crowd showed up at the Watertown VFW once again for some singing, dancing, mingling, and a great time out.

Some of our song highlights for the evening included Jeff singing “Ride In My Little Red Wagon,” Pat singing “Sissy’s Song,” Diane singing “Cornfed,” Lisa singing “Any Man of Mine,” Penny singing “Hey Jude,” Maggie singing “Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman,” Bobbie singing “Only When It Rains,” Patti singing “Sister Christian,” Steve singing “Promises,” Dave singing “Turn The Page,” Doc Pete singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” and Bob singing “The Letter.”

Diane sang “Romeo” with Pat and also did a nice duet with Dee on “Barbara Ann.”

Hope everyone had a good time, and returns on May 8th.  It is Dianes birthday that day so she gets her title back as Lady Di.  Good luck to Merriane in VEGAS! Hope she has loads of fun.